What could be hidden in our house’s attic? A mysterious and therefore magical place. That is what Filio and Aneta wondered and decided one day to conquer the mysterious world of their house’s attic. The keys were found and hanged down from the nail that held them on the wall, everyone went to sleep and the house was quite. Now, is the right moment. On the tip of their toes so no one would hear them, they go up the squeaking steps and enter the attic. In the middle a large chest. What could be in it? They open it and find a box with pictures of their grandmother, her diary and a pile of books with stories. As they run through the diary and see the pictures, the grand mother appears and tells them the story of her life. How they lived in Smyrni in Asia Minor , how they left in 1922. How they came to Greece and finally grew roots here . How they worked hard and made something of themselves. And all this …with stories and tales. Because a grandmothers doesn’t speak as we all do. When she wants to say something she tells it with stories… and she knows many. Old , faded photographs, full of nostalgia for the lost homelands. A diary full of history and a pile of stories make the world a different place for the two girls but also for the young (and why not the older) audience.

AEROPLIO theatre keeps away from the televisual fad models , clises and usual stories that are imposed by trends and fashions. It insist on being inspired by traditional Greek and worldwide culture and history.

The performance is a sensitive story with comic and touching elements. The actors will use as many ways as you can imagine to create a magical world.

Stage/Costume Design MIKA PANAGOU

Performances & Event arrangements   210-8656004

AEROPLIO prepare an educational brochure based on the performance with propositions for theater games and fruitful activities in the classroom before and after the performance. Ask about that. We are ready to send it.

AEROPLIO will provide the teachers with Educational material in order to continue the work with theater games after the performances in their classrooms. Please, ask us to send it to you before the scheduled performance