An innovative performance that approached the great paintings through the eyes of the children. Children have an amazing time within a simple comical story and they talked, discussed, gave suggestions to the actors and participated in the action.


One more performance based on the paintings of great masters.
The beginning was “Why is Gioconda smiling“! A performance that was received with great enthusiasm by all parents, educators and children. We performed with great success in many schools and in our theatre, Topos Allou.

Attention! Lost in colors  will make the children had an amazing time and within a simple comical story they talked, discussed, gave suggestions and participated in the action while commenting at the paintings. Children focused on the paintings of the Great masters, Degas, Gaugen, Mane, Caravaggio, Botticelli etc. and very easily, in a playful way, along with the actors they approach all the details and the meanings of the paintings. Important paintings became an object of play and action.
“Attention! Lost in colors” is a new adventure with actors, puppets, colors and paintings. In front of children’s eyes, forms and figures come alive to entertain them. Music, songs take them away into a voyage from one work to another. Each painting has a story to tell. Furthermore, the performance gives special attention to Greek paintings of Lytras, Gyzis, Iakovides and in the end performers and children will engage in a colorful dance. The performance succeeds in it target to entertain the children making these paintings accessible, living behind the heavy meanings of History of Art and turning everything into a game. Theatre has a way to achieve all through game, dialogue, discussion, music and dance. Thus, children find a way to come close to masterpieces that they may never enjoy any other way. AEROPLIO enters its 32nd year of its long course and this is how we mean theatre for children. Entertaining, but also educationally & culturally useful.

Stage/Costume Design MIKA PANAGOU

Performances & Event arrangements   210-8656004

AEROPLIO prepare an educational brochure based on the performance with propositions for theater games and fruitful activities in the classroom before and after the performance. Ask about that. We are ready to send it.


Flora is trying to find her sister Liza. She has run away from a painting of Degas. And what a day she chose! Today, is Floras birthday. How will she have a party? Her mother is reading the newspaper (painting by Iakovides) and leaves it to prepare breakfast. But Flora has no time to make her prayers to the Holy Mother (painting by Botticelli) and goes out in the streets to find her sister. She travels to the seaside (painting by Manet), the mountains (painting by Gaugen) and to lakes she wanders, Fortunately she meet the “elf of lost things”. With him she travel from painting to painting, she goes and asks everywhere, but Liza is nowhere to be found. A gypsy woman (painting by Caravaggio) appears and seems to know it all. But she knows nothing and keeps asking the young audience for answers.
To make a long story short, Flora finds out that Lisa has gone to find an orchestra to play music at her sister’s birthday. And she finds it. But which one did she find? The one of Nikiforos Lytras or of George Iakovides? It is important because in one they do not know the verses to sing and in the other they are using … flower watering pots instead of trumpets. Oh my Lord what kind of birthday will I have today? wanders Flora from the Degas painting. But in the end all is well and the party takes place along with the children dancing and singing. Through action, the discussions with the actors, music and songs the children are encouraged to see closely the paintings and discover their hidden details, figures, faces and landscapes. The same happens with the projections and the camera in use during the performance.

AEROPLIO will provide the teachers with Paintings and Educational material in order to continue the work with theater games after the performances in their classrooms. Please, ask us to send it to you before the scheduled performance