“Why Gioconda is Smiling”, is a performance/theatre act that presents- with a wise combination of theatre and aesthetic education, the famous paintings of the Great masters.


A performance with great pedagogical and educational interest.
Aeroplio theatre, has decided to present one more performance with multiple importance. “Why Gioconda is Smiling”, is a performance/theatre act/game that presents- with a wise combination of theatre and aesthetic education- the most well-known paintings of the Great masters in a simple, playful and totally understandable, for children way.  The goal is their acquaintance with drawing.
With simple means, the paintings are presented to the children and some of their elements come alive with a theatrical way to lead them in an interactive game with music and movement.

Text, Direction: Nicholas Kamtsis
Stage & Costume Design: Mika Panagou
Innovative Music & Songs: Kostas Charitatos
Puppets & Small  Elements Constructions: Danae Stilou
Cast:  Alexandra Charalampidou, Anta Kougia

Performances & Events arrangements  210-8656004

The performance can be presented in our theatre but also in your space. All technical details are our responsibility to solve for the best result for your event.


The actors after they travel with the ship of Salvatore (Dali) that has butterflies instead of sails and therefore flies. The planes of Leonardo (Da Vintsi) and after meeting the ballerinas of Degas, they reach the circus of  Mark Chagall.
The time is …43 (!)
Such say the liquid clocks of  Dali.
It is time for all the children  to create their own painting. The actress and the children roll up their sleeves and upon a large white paper they will create a wonderful romantic work of Art with the method of pointillism by sprinkling papers upon the paper.  Of course with the help of the actress/pedagogue and her special glue and papers.
The children’ s work of art will be given to the young spectators as memory of the day we spend together learning about the Great painters and their famous works..