Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties To The Theater

If you are looking for something beyond the usual stereotype parties and your child’s birthday celebration means something more important, pedagogical and recreative at the same time, Aeroplio theatre has something new to suggest to you:
Celebrate your children’s birthday or name-day at the theatre, with a theatre performance and theatre games with specialized animators and actors.
Aeroplio organizes children’s parties that have as a basic idea a Theatre performance.
At the space of TOPOS ALLOU theatre , a neoclassical building with a hospitable, friendly and comfortable foyer and two stages, we offer you a fully organized and imaginative celebration. The space, each time reserved just for you, is decorated according to the occasion in an innovative, hand made way. We are responsible for everything, from the invitations and the fully equipped catering service, to the cake and the little gifts that are offered to the children when they leave.
Children come with their parents to see a theatre performance. Furthermore, to play creative games with the animators, eat, drink and blow out the candles while their parents seat comfortably at the foyer, converse while drinking their coffee and enjoy homemade, creative finger-food.
So the children celebrate in a creative way and not by using out all their energy, jumping and screaming in a balloon construction.

Aeroplio theatre has always a complete proposition to make to you according to the age of the child, if it is a boy or a girl and the number of guests. Theatre performance, decoration, catering, cake, animators are designed especially for you .
All these take place at the, very centered, TOPOS ALLOU theatre, (Keffalinias 17 and Kycladon street , Kypseli), usually every Saturday and Sunday morning or afternoon.

we propose 3 different performancies for you party. It is your choise

Contact Ms MIKA PANAGOU, 210-8656004 or 2108679535, (6944360015)