An enjoyable performance with a lot of comical elements, songs and dances, puppets and shadows but most importantly to approach especially the matter of bullying between the children.


Do you know how the nightingale was born?
The performance-apart from the beautiful existing myth-approaches with a tender way matters such as being different, respecting our neighbor, marginalization and most of all, how come it has such a beautiful voice? Do you know that the other birds did not want it in the woods and were constantly sending it away? Yes, that is how it happened. But the nightingale made them understand that this kind of behavior was unacceptable.

Aeroplio Theater, chose this unknown myth to present an enjoyable story with a lot of comical elements but most importantly to approach social marginalization and especially the matter of bullying in today's school society which has turned into a plague. Indeed statistics have indicated that aggressive behavior starts at a very early age and is expressed as "Bullying" later on in elementary and high school. Already we have more cases of aggressive behavior from children of kindergarten and the first classes of Elementary school.

Aeroplio Theater, as every year, will provide the schools with a rich, innovative educational material with activities to follow the performance and all the matters it addresses. Educators will have numerous stimuli to work with the children and discover matters through play. We are at your disposal for any further discussion upon the performance as your experience is very useful to us.

The entire performance has been designed to be presented at your school complete in elements and quality. Of course, you are always welcome at our theater space (at Topos Allou Theater).

Stage/Costume Design: MIKA PANAGOU

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When our Lord created all the birds, he decorated them with pretty feathers and many colors. Canaries where yellow, parrots were green and red; the sparrows had a little red head and so on. Last came a small, tiny bird but Almighty was left with only feathers of a gloomy grey color. What could he do? He dressed it with those feathers. The little bird flew happily into the forest. When the other colorful birds saw it, they started making fun of it, scaring it away from the trees. The Maker noticed it sadly and opened his secret drawer and took out a golden box. There, he kept the music. Notes, melodies and divine music. So he gave them to the little bird as a special gift, his divine voice. And the nightingale was born. He returned happily to the forest but the other birds still wanted it to go away. One day the Forest was on fire! And all the birds were terrified and flew away. The partridge that has her nest on the ground, called her children to follow her quickly. But they were too afraid and stayed in the nest. The air changed and the fire seized. Then a fox came hungrily to her nest ready to eat the little birds. But, suddenly the nightingale made a deep fall and started to sing. The fox was enchanted and started dancing an eerie dance. The nightingale persuaded her to leave, to go to Hollywood and make a career. The partridge came back, embraced her children and thanked the nightingale for saving them. A loud applause was heard all over the woods. A bravo from all the birds and animals of the forest. The nightingale became a hero. And it was so happy that it sang its most beautiful song. And then all the animals together singed and danced in a big feast. They understood, that there are no good and bad birds, pretty and ugly, worthy and unworthy. They are all creatures of God and deserve equal respect.