Corporate Events

Theatre is a multilevel event. It is not restrained in the four walls of an organized indoor stage. It can happen anyplace and by every chance. Theatre can take place in the street, a square, a yard or in a large indoor office space, where actors can create an event that can be interesting and entertaining and make an audience watch it. Moreover the children .
Events that have the form of theatre acts or games with theatre means (actors, prepared text, costumes, improvisation) are used to achieve an innovative, complete and high quality result. AEROPLIO theatre has important experience as a Special Event manager. It takes advantage of every chance it has and with a suitable group of collaborators (stage & costume designers, decorators of indoor & outdoor spaces and specially trained actors) it organizes performances, events and celebrations for : Events & Christmas performances for Educational Institutions and Municipalities Company Events ( including relationship bonding and Group Spirit development ) Various Company projects that have as goal Productivity growth and Customer & Product familiarity .
Company, Theatrical presentation of products and services Development and realization of company scenarios such as for the Creation of Group Spirit and Trust between Human resources. Construction of costumes and objects for the best realization of the scenarios . Theatre Events and Games for children of all ages .
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