It is a voyage to the vast Greek Mythology. An adventure and at the same time a creative theater play. With the participation of the audience, the children’s conversation with the Night, the young audience are not just entertaining but enhancing their education and culture. Igniting their imagination and expanding their horizons.


This year, Aeroplio Theater will present a special and unique performance.
We are consciously returning to Greek Mythology.
Not just to entertain children but to give them through Theater, a strong dose of our tradition. From the wealth of Greek Mythology.  It is our policy and belief to derive themes that are taught to children in school directly from Greek Mythology and tradition.

It is of great importance for the children to have a direct relationship with Greek Tradition and its roots. Especially in our times where people and languages of great history are leveled and eliminated.
Our performance is presented in our Theater every Sunday for the audience and also in private events and birthday parties, but most importantly it can visit any given space. We are well aware of the problems both schools and parents have, (financial and more). So, we created a performance that is able to be transferred and presented to any space available, without losing a thing from its quality.

This comes with benefits :

1.At schools and other events one can avoid financial problems due to transportation.
2.Children can enjoy a quality, fun and educational performance within their familiar  school spaces.
3.We have the ability to offer a lower ticket price as the times are hard.

Direction, Nicholas Kamtsis
Stage & Costume Design, Mika Panagou
Innovative Music & Songs,Christos Xenakis
Puppets & Small  Elements Danae Stilou

Performances & Event arrangements   210-8656004


The Stars upon the Sky have stories to tell. Myths deriving from the vast Greek Mythology. The richest in the world. Every name of every Star and Constellation reveals it. Hercules, Perseus, the beautiful Andromeda, the wondrous Pegasus, Cassiopeia and so many other stars that before taking their place in the Sky were heroes in Greek Mythology. Their life and achievements were such that the Gods elevated them high upon the sky to brighten our nights. To shine above us and remind us their mighty heroic adventures.

These are they Myths behind each and every Star that Lady Night knows well. Wearing her impressive costume, she animates before us, with masks, puppets and many more narrates the great adventures of them all, Stars and Heroes alike. Ships will pass and travel the seas; wondrous worlds will appear before the children’s eyes with great mythical heroes and mighty deeds.
Perseus will conquer Medusa and the monstrous whale and release Andromeda. The wise  and  brave, white horse, Pegasus will fly across the sky and lead him to victory.