An enjoyable musical and comic performance for children of all ages and especially for the Christmas holydays with audience participation.


Aeroplio Theatre has prepared an enjoyable performance for children of all ages and especially for the Christmas holidays. "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer" is a funny and bright performance full of Christmas carols that has as protagonist the famous and most preety heroe of Christmas. "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer" can be performed in any kind of space and is suitable for the Holyday season and the Christmas Events organized by Companies and schools. Within an imaginative, festive atmosphere the actors playing and encourage the children to sing, dance and have fun with their adventures and their funny misfortunes.

Text, Direction: Nicholas Kamtsis
Stage & Costume Design: Mika Panagou
Innovative Music & Songs: Christos Xenakis
Puppets & Small  Elements Constructions: Danae Stilou
Cast:  Alexandra Charalampidou, Danae Atia

Performances & Event arrangements  210-8656004

The performance can be presented in our theatre but also in your space. All technical details are our responsibility to solve for the best result for your event.


We all know very well the Rudolf-the-red-nose-Reindeer song !!! Especially the children, as soon as December comes and Christmas is near. But what is the true story of Rudolph?
What is the problem with him?
Why the other reindeers make fun of him and do not want him in their company?
And Santa Claus?
Why doesn't he never, ever, choose to put him on his sledge and take Rudolph with him to give the presents to the children?

Our performance will give you all the answers. Especially made for Christmas, we will solve the Rudolph mystery together and we will reestablish order. All done of course with the help of the children
Rudolph-the-red-nose-Reindeer, is a happy performance (it could not be happier) with a lot of music, singing and dancing (there could not be more music, singing and dancing) and lots of audience participation (there could not be more participation by the children).
Rudolph could not have achieved anything without the children. He could not persuade Blok the elf, to put him on the sledge. But Rudolph with help of the children he manages. They make the longest sledge in the whole, wide world. Each child puts one reindeer on our sledge. And right in front, first of all, is Rudolf to shine the way with his little red nose for the big trip they begin all together. And the performance will end with all the children singing and dancing with Rudolph's song … Rudolf-the-red-nose-Reindeer-had-a-very-shiny-nose … as they have take the sledge and they travel the world. All this takes place within a very picturesque stage design, that can be created anywhere. Wherever you invite us, in any place, indoors or outdoors, school, cultural center, company space e.t.c. Any technical problems are our responsibility. We will come and see the space and adjust accordingly. We will stage the performance and after we play, laugh, sing and dance we will give you gifts.